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I have worked with Yuma Office Equipment Supply for three years. I am completely satisfied with their outstanding commitment to partnering with me for my businesses success. What has impressed me the most is their attention to customer service, their a wonderful representation of idealistic customer service from the Owner to our Sales agent



Making Tedious Tasks More Tolerable

Even when you enjoy what you do for a living, every job has aspects that are boring, monotonous, and mundane. Changing your perspective toward these chores will help make tackling them less painful. Consider the following mantras…

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Is Your Business Ignoring Email Threats?

Email remains the biggest cyberthreat small businesses face today, serving as the conduit for the majority of all cyberattacks. Malicious emails are a cybercriminal’s favored point of entry into a business’s network.

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Positively Addressing Poor Employee Performance

Address the employee sooner rather than later. Putting performance issues off will only make matters worse, alienating or demotivating employees performing at a high level. When speaking with underperformers, it’s essential you are open and direct about their performance without coming across as angry or emotional. While studies show most employees want to hear corrective feedback that will help them succeed at their job, doing so in a non-constructive manner can cause them to get defensive and be unreceptive to your input. 

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Why Mobile Printing Matters in the Modern Workplace

Many companies have embraced the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept, allowing their employees to utilize their personal mobile devices for business purposes. Workers using their own smartphones, laptops, or tablets to accomplish work-related tasks is an all-too-common sight in the modern workplace. In fact, a recent study by Cisco revealed 69 percent of IT decision makers were in favor of BYOD, viewing it as a positive addition to any workplace policy, citing that workers are saving at least 81 minutes of time per week by using their own devices. Allowing your staff to use their own devices also results in reduced costs, increased flexibility, and greater employee satisfaction. Mobile devices are part of the ever-evolving office.

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