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Your persistence and patience has saved a lot of un-necessary shuffling of equipment, IT staff time and unrealized (future) gains of payroll staff time. It’s my opinion that companies which were able to survive the recent economic issues and flourish, can attribute much of their survival to excellent customer service like yours.

Mark Cameron - Network Administrator - Foothill Packing


Document Management Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Document Management Is Too Expensive. Document management actually saves businesses time, money, and resources. With any document available with just a few clicks, hours spent searching are reduced to minutes. Companies save money on document processes, and employees spend more time on critical tasks. 

Myth #2: Going Paperless Is Impossible for Our Business. Many industries are so dependent on paper files and records that they don’t think they’ll ever escape the paper pile-up. But that’s like refusing to go to the doctor because you have too many health problems. Document management improves workflows by reducing dependence on paper, not necessarily eliminating paper from every aspect of business. 

Myth #3: Paper Is More Reliable and Secure. The tangibility of paper documents leads many people to believe that they are the more stable and reliable medium. But too often paper documents are inaccessible to the people who need them. Digital documents are much easier to find, index, and share. Additionally, while paper documents are prone to theft, loss, and natural disasters, digital documents are properly backed up and can be secured to prevent unauthorized access. 

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Your IT Security Checklist

Whether you have a dedicated IT staff or outsource your IT needs to a managed service provider, review this checklist to make sure your network and confidential business data is as secure as possible.

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Another sucessful Go Digital Yuma Event was Held At Arizona Western College! Seen above is the team from MGM Design, working their booth...

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Award Winning Business!

2014 Arizona SBDC Success Award Winner- Yuma Office Equipment -March 2014 Daniel Bombard was called to the state captitol to receive an award from the America's Small Business Development Center of Arizona. Yuma Office Equipment was one of 12 recipients (one from each county).

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