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Your persistence and patience has saved a lot of un-necessary shuffling of equipment, IT staff time and unrealized (future) gains of payroll staff time. It’s my opinion that companies which were able to survive the recent economic issues and flourish, can attribute much of their survival to excellent customer service like yours.

Mark Cameron - Network Administrator - Foothill Packing


How Public Speaking Can Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Posted Jan 2, 2018

Effective communication skills are particularly valuable today in our tech-dominated world, where written communication has become our primary medium. As a result, being able to verbally communicate to others provides you with the ability to excel and stand out from the crowd. Public speaking adds value in the form of business-critical opportunities, such as building your brand, influencing prospects, and winning customers.

This is particularly true when getting on a stage and speaking to an audience full of people. This type of public speaking is one the quickest and most efficient ways of establishing your credibility, expanding your reputation, and deepening your reach. It is a highly-effective marketing strategy that gets you in front of potential clients to showcase your knowledge and share professional wisdom.  

Utilizing public speaking has benefits within your own workplace as well. Besides providing you with the chance to present your knowledge and insight to your superiors, showcasing your ability to speak in front of an audience will set you apart from other employees. It is a skill that gives you a competitive edge, which can put you ahead of your peers for promotions and opportunities.

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