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The service we have. and continue to receive. from both Chris and Diane. is exceptional to say the least. Chris has gone the extra mile on more occasions than I can easily name to be sure we are satisfied with his service. Diane takes our many questions in stride, and always provides exactly what we are looking for. even when we aren\'t even sure what it is. After a thorough review of the available companies and copiers. and several interviews and presentations, it was decided to go with Yuma Office Equipment, utilizing the State of Arizona Contract. Since we made the switch in copiers. we are experiencing no errors in billing and great service. Before the change, it was a monthly issue. with lost invoices and late charges. Service was slow and at times. did not handle the problem. With the new contracts. we can bill everything to a Purchasing Card which also gives us the option to split out the individual charges to multiple accounts. We are a very large organization. with many campuses. spread out from San Luis to Parker; Chris has never once indicated that the immense amount of time and travel required of him in the set up and continued handling of the accounts was any kind of issue. He is an amazing representative to work with, and we count ourselves lucky to have him handling our accounts.

Peggy - Purchasing Agent at AWC


How to Leave a Lasting Impression

Posted Apr 10, 2017

When it comes to meeting people, make no mistake: if you aren't memorable, you're forgettable. Here's how to increase your chances of being remembered.

Craft Your Elevator Pitch - Who are you and what do you do? Always be prepared to succinctly answer these most common questions. Take time now to decide what you want to communicate, and pre-plan your personal pitch.

Develop a Signature Style - Look for something that feels authentic and enjoyable: you may wear a pair of classic Converse with your suits, boast a stunning hairstyle, or don a unique pair of spectacles.

Be an Engaged Listener - Let genuine curiosity guide you to ask insightful questions. People love to be heard, so being truly present in any given discussion will show that you value what they have to say.

Make an Emotional Connection - Whether you make someone laugh, show vulnerability, or lend a helping hand, emotional resonance is essential.

Meeting new people in business situations can feel like a rush of names, titles, and faces. Be one of the special few who make a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

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