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If You Want Them to Follow the Leader, You Must Sound Like One

Posted Feb 18, 2018

A big part of being a leader is speaking to those expected to follow you. Here are some communication tips to help you sound like a leader.

Pause, think, answer – It’s difficult to sound confident and trustworthy when you’re constantly filling gaps in your speaking with filler words such as “um” and “uh.” An effective way to eliminate filler words from your vocabulary is by pausing and thinking before speaking, giving yourself a moment to gather your thoughts.  

Use clear language – Leaders are often required to speak about tough or difficult topics. Using direct language that is easy to understand shows confidence and stability in a leader.

Be engaging – Leaders should be entertaining when they speak so what they say resonates with their audience. Be passionate while speaking.

Have solutions to offer – Rather than just identifying problems, good leaders are always prepared to offer a resolution to them as well. Otherwise, you’re merely finger-pointing, which is rarely an effective tactic.

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