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Your persistence and patience has saved a lot of un-necessary shuffling of equipment, IT staff time and unrealized (future) gains of payroll staff time. It’s my opinion that companies which were able to survive the recent economic issues and flourish, can attribute much of their survival to excellent customer service like yours.

Mark Cameron - Network Administrator - Foothill Packing


Is Your Culture One of Respect?

Posted Apr 8, 2019

Employees want to be respected by both their coworkers and superiors. In fact, in a survey by Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), 72 percent of employees rated respectful treatment as “very important” to them, making it the top contributor to overall job satisfaction. 

A culture of respect is one in which employees are valued, communication is civil, people are treated the way they’d like to be treated, and disrespectful behavior is not tolerated by management. This type of atmosphere has a tremendously positive impact on both employees and the company itself, resulting in benefits such as:

• Reduced turnover – Employees are more likely to stay at a company where they feel respected.
• Increased employee engagement - A Harvard Business Review survey revealed that respect was the number one behavior that leads to greater engagement and commitment. Engaged employees are naturally more productive than unengaged workers.
• Improved collaboration – Employees are more likely to share ideas, build relationships, and work closely with one another when they feel respected by co-workers.
• Greater employee well-being – Respected employees are less stressed, which leads to better attendance and overall better health.

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