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Keeping the Peace during Meetings

Posted Apr 16, 2018

One of the simplest ways to manage conflict in meetings is learning to identify the warning signs. By reading the room and spotting a frustrated employee, you can often diffuse conflict before it erupts. Body language and facial expressions are tells, indicating frustration, which can boil over into conflict. Look for obvious signs of frustration in people. Identifying a frustrated employee enables you to take immediate action and nip their frustration in the bud, before it can turn into conflict.  

Once conflict has begun, an effective method of resolving it is through depersonalization. This technique involves using your words to make the issue about facts, without attaching blame. By carefully wording your thoughts, you can focus on what a person’s issue is, not the person themselves. By depersonalizing a situation, you will be in a better position to resolve conflict without throwing fuel on the agitated party’s emotions.

Another useful approach to resolve conflict in a meeting is through the utilization of questioning. By asking carefully phrased questions that can’t be answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no,’ you can transform the focus from conflict to research in the interest of reducing tension. The right questions can result in attendees providing you with valuable information about what it is that’s rubbed them the wrong way, insight that can help you resolve their issues. 

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