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I have worked with Yuma Office Equipment Supply for three years. I am completely satisfied with their outstanding commitment to partnering with me for my businesses success. What has impressed me the most is their attention to customer service, their a wonderful representation of idealistic customer service from the Owner to our Sales agent



Modern Employee Motivation Techniques

Posted Aug 7, 2017

Motivating employees is a simple task in theory. However, understanding what motivates each unique individual on your team and then adjusting your management style accordingly is easier said than done. Consider these four steps to motivate your employees by making them feel good about the work they do:

Let Them Know Their Work Matters
Share the context of the work they are doing—how is this task relevant to the organization, project, and/or team as a whole? Employees are motivated when they know their work is an important part of the big picture.

Recognize and Value Their Efforts
Acknowledging your employees' contributions is effective in sustaining their motivation. Recognizing goal achievements, project completions, and exceptional results make employees feel appreciated and ultimately will keep them motivated.

Assess Your Own Motivation
Employees are attuned to their leader’s involvement in the workplace. If they can sense that you are not motivated about the work you’re doing, their morale also drops. Ensure that you are as engaged and motivated as you expect your employees to be, and they will reciprocate.

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