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New NOC Provides the Best of Both Worlds

Posted Apr 1, 2012

Someone asked me about our Network Ops Center (NOC) and why it is in Cedar Rapids, rather than Yuma. While I am a firm believer in keeping business local, there are several reasons why I chose for us to go the route we did, and also sell the idea to Craig.

In Yuma, there is somewhat of a lack of network provisioning. I remember not so many years ago, a person in the foothills running a backhoe, nicked the fiber optic cable bringing our internet into town (ouch, poor guy probably took lots of flack on that one). For those of us that remember, it was a bad day as most (if not all) of the broadband in town was down. Although there may be more redundant connections here at present, it is nothing like the Midwest. Due to the Midwest being the major business manufacturing hub for the U.S., there are a huge number of redundant connections pretty much everywhere. Couple that with the fact that there was an already established NOC available for us, and the decision was an easy one. Someday in the future I may be able to move it right here to Yuma, but for now, we have the best of both worlds: A world class NOC and Helpdesk, and a world class local staff of IT personnel. We have more trained IT personnel than any other IT provider in town. Come see what its like to be a customer again!

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