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Overcoming Communication Issues in the Workplace

Posted Aug 21, 2017

Communication issues hinder productivity and efficiency, which ultimately cost your business money. Here are the four most common communication issues and how you can overcome them in the office:

Language Barriers: One way to better communicate is by listening to understand. As you communicate, take the time to carefully consider context and connotation, rather than just denotation. Remember, words have different meanings to people, so consider what the individual means as well as what the word actually means.

Personal Feelings: When personal feelings affect the way we communicate in the workplace, it becomes a larger issue that affects the entire organization. When communicating, stick to relaying facts and information, remain objective, and above all keep your personal emotions in check.

Lack of Response: One-sided communication not only slows productivity, but it also halts progress. It is essential to make sure you provide feedback, even if it is just a simple acknowledgement of receipt. This way the communication channels remain open and progress continues.

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