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Prepare New Hires to Succeed by Onboarding Them Properly

Posted Jun 11, 2018

Here are some steps you can take to onboard your new hires properly to help increase their odds of shining.

Have them shadow existing employees. Provide new hires with time to ‘shadow’ or watch over seasoned employees in a similar role within your organization to help familiarize them with how you expect their job to be done. This will also provide them with a great opportunity to ask questions relating to specific tasks and the tools they’ll be using to complete them.

Don’t overwhelm them. Ease new hires into their role. Allowing them to gain a solid understanding of everything they need to know at a reasonable pace will set them up for long-term success.

Set goals for them to reach. A clearly defined set of expectations and benchmarks lets new hires know exactly what is expected of them, enabling them to progress at the desired rate. Setting specific 30- and 90-day goals is a great way to integrate new employees into your operation at a reasonable pace. 

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