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As the Executive Director of a non-profit organization I am always looking for the best value when it comes to equipment and service. Often it is a struggle to find that one company that can give you both at a level our organization can afford. I am proud to say that for the past 4 years we have been very pleased with Yuma Office Equipment. They worked within our budget, pairing us with the best copying and fax equipment, along with a comprehensive maintenance agreement. Offering same day assistance if something goes wrong, and knowing that their technicians are right here in town has added to my belief that they offer the best value. We appreciate everything that Craig Crossland and his staff do for Hospice of Yuma and recommend Yuma Office Equipment to any business looking to add new copying and faxing equipment.

John Williams

Arizona Counseling & Treatment Services


Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Provide Both Quality and Value

Posted Jul 16, 2018

While remanufactured toner cartridges provide consumers with an affordable option to keep on printing, they have developed a bit of a questionable reputation over the years. However, is this reputation valid, or merely self-serving negative publicity put out by name brand printer cartridge providers to discourage consumers from buying anything but OEM products?

Remanufactured cartridges are made by taking spent or used OEM cartridges, recycling them, and professionally remanufacturing them. During this process, the cartridge is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned, any worn or damaged components are replaced, and quality testing is conducted. It is then reassembled, filled with toner to match the printer it is intended to be used in, and quality tested again. 

Because remanufactured cartridges do not carry the brand name and require fewer new components to create, they cost significantly less than new, OEM products. But does this lower price tag come at the expense of quality, value, or reliability? In most cases, the answer is no, as long as you are purchasing these remanufactured toner cartridges from a reputable office technology provider and there has been sufficient testing done to support the output and reliability of their offerings.

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