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I have worked with Yuma Office Equipment Supply for three years. I am completely satisfied with their outstanding commitment to partnering with me for my businesses success. What has impressed me the most is their attention to customer service, their a wonderful representation of idealistic customer service from the Owner to our Sales agent



So honored to speak at the Harvard Club of Boston

Posted Aug 8, 2018

Daniel Bombard, CEO of the YOE Group of Companies, Yuma Office Equipment and YOE Connext, speaking at the Harvard Club of Boston!

What an honor it was to spend some time during the heat of July in Boston and Cambridge, to speak at the Harvard Club of Boston. It was an amazing experience to get to speak at a place so rich with history. My hotel was on the campus of M.I.T. and the speaking engagement at the Harvard Club. In my wlidest dreams I would never have forseen the opportunity for me to talk business and life to such an amazing group of Men and Women. Lookout Boston, Yuma in the house! 

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