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Your persistence and patience has saved a lot of un-necessary shuffling of equipment, IT staff time and unrealized (future) gains of payroll staff time. It’s my opinion that companies which were able to survive the recent economic issues and flourish, can attribute much of their survival to excellent customer service like yours.

Mark Cameron - Network Administrator - Foothill Packing


Email Etiquette: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Posted Mar 20, 2018

Email blunders can make us look bad, frustrate our clients and co-workers, and cause unnecessary tension in the workplace. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes to avoid.

Unhelpful Subject Lines – A relevant, descriptive subject line will help recipients prioritize their messages and make it easier for them to find them in the future.

Grammatical/Spelling Errors – These are careless mistakes that reflect poorly on you, making you look unprofessional. Before hitting ‘send,' always perform a spell check and proofread your message to look for mistakes a spell check won’t catch.

Reply All – No one likes to receive a reply from every other recipient of an email unless it actually pertains to them. Leave people off of your reply unless it requires their attention.

Ignoring Senders – Ignoring someone is hardly good etiquette, even if you don’t have an answer to their question or inquiry. Always follow up in a reasonable amount of time, even if it’s simply to let them know you’re working on the matter.

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