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Your persistence and patience has saved a lot of un-necessary shuffling of equipment, IT staff time and unrealized (future) gains of payroll staff time. It’s my opinion that companies which were able to survive the recent economic issues and flourish, can attribute much of their survival to excellent customer service like yours.

Mark Cameron - Network Administrator - Foothill Packing


YOE Acquires Network Operations Center

Posted Mar 1, 2012

I am excited to report that we finally finished our acquisition for our Network Operations Center or NOC. The NOC located in Cedar Rapids IA, allows us the ability to be Yuma's first true Managed Network Services (MNS) provider.

Managed Network Services in a nutshell is basically a service in which we take a proactive approach to keeping your servers, workstations and network running optimally at all times. We start by using our N-able software to monitor and report and deficiencies in your software or hardware environment, fixing any problems and making sure all necessary patches, updates and fixes are taken care of. Once everything is up to par, we constantly monitor and consistently repair anything that falls behind the specification established as a benchmark when we bring the network online. What this means to our customers is consistent uptime, and the vast majority of issues being take care of before anyone is actually aware there was anything wrong. There are many businesses in Yuma, using similar services from out of town providers, however they wind up with pain points when it comes time for a fix. We are a Yuma business servicing Yuma businesses, therefore there are no trip charges, no wait for someone to come from another city if you do need someone physically at your business, and less expense.

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